Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lush Love

Up until last Christmas, I was a lush virgin. My sister would home with lush bags, and I’d always ask what it was and why she was always shopping there. Well, I had that questioned answered for me loud and clear when I went to my first lush party during the holiday season. I had planned to simply go in to buy my sister a present but once I arrived, I didn’t want to leave. The smell of the store for starters is…heaven. It’s like a candy shop for those who want treat their body

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I had the perfect excuse to stop by and get some supplies. Lush is a great gift store, and if you want an awesome Valentine’s day present, you might want to leave some not so subtle hints for your sweetie. I don’t have a Valentine, but why should that stop me from indulging in some delicious, calorie free, goodies.

Below are some Valentine Lush Ideas.

You can choose to buy singles items such as:

Love soap: This soap is very pretty with all its sparkles and it smells floral. I haven’t used it, but I hear it lathers well.

Magic mushroom Bubble Bar: Smells very sweet, with vanilla and strawberries. The mushroom shape may not be your typical valentine shape but it is very cute. And it does leave your skin feeling very soft, which
might cast a magic spell on your valentine. 

The ex-factor bath bomb: If you are anti-valentine or want to quietly destroy your bad bloke, then you will like this one. Break off each limb one by one and dip him in the water. Then have a sweet vanilla scented soak, and let all the bad memories melt away.

Soft Couer (The honeymooner): This adorable heart shaped massage bar, smells like love. I mean it. I fall in love every time I smell it. It smells like honey and orange but there’s another scent there that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s the REAL chocolate center that it has in the middle.

Fever massage bar: This is a very seductive massage bar. A combination or rose, jasmine, sandalwood and cocoa help to set the mood for you on valentine’s day.

You can also choose a gift set.

Be mine gift set. This is the one I ended up buying and it  may be the best gift I’ve bought for myself this month. This pack comes with the flying fox shower gel (which smells so calming), honey trap lip balm (makes you kissable), and soft couer (so sensual). I found buying the gift set to be a better bargain then buying individual pieces.

Lush has other valentine gift ideas on their website. Even if you’re anti-valentine, you’ll find something to fall in love with.

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