Friday, January 1, 2010

January trench pic of the month


Minus the cigarette (I hate cigarettes and smoking), this picture is very sexy. Besides the awesome trench coat, which I love, I also really like the armchair used in this picture. I like that they used a different belt from the original. This is something all of use can try with our trench coats. Instead of sticking to the belt included with the trench, switch it up and use one in your closet. This gives the coat a different look and lets you accessorize in a fun way.

I don't know who is responsible for this ad or the brand being advertised...sorry :(

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  1. not to self:
    Get trench out of closet.
    Get it dry cleaned.
    Get new belt for trench.
    Get Mary Jane type heels.

    This shot is rad.

  2. Hi everyone, Adam Baudelaire here. My lovely wife and I have just started a new Label, Wolfram and York. Would love for you all to take a look at our trench coats, see what you think :)
    All the best,