Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kissable Accessories

I should have been working yesterday, but instead decided to browse one of my favorite websites, For those of you who don't know, is a harbor for all things handmade or vintage. It's a fantastic place to buy accessories or other items that are unique and rare. I seriously spend too much time on that website. During the browse, my eyes caught a "kiss" item and that led to a hunt for other similar items. Here are few accessories that I just want to kiss because they're just so awesome!
Majority come for etsy but a couple are from other sites. 

lulu guinness double kiss mini frame purse

If you can spare the change, you can get yourself a very cute coin purse. Lulu guinness often has fun items like the one above.The only downside is price.

Cute Valentines Day Kisses Lips Red Polka Dot Drawstring Pures Handbag 

I am a fan of vintage bags and this one from a seller on is very cute. I would use it as a carry bag for my bento box. It would be cute to have a mini picnic for two with this bag as the "basket."








French Kisses and Hugs  

I like the simplicity of this bracelet. One could wear it way after valentine's day.  








FREE CHAIN - Red Sexy Kiss Pattern Photo Pendant 

This is a colorful way to dress up your valentine outfit. It's not too bold and I like that, but it has enough about it to make it interesting.  It's something that worn, people's eyes would go to. I mean who wouldn't look at it, it's full of kisses.



HUGS 'N KISSES on a HEART Pendant Necklace  

Possibly one of my favorite items is this one. Can love get any more simple.Also, knowing there's only one makes it even more special.





XOXO With Red Heart Silver Soldered Small Drop Pendant 

This is the item that gave me the inspiration for this post. I think this would make a great valentine's day gift for anyone who likes unique jewelry.   

Turtle Fur Kiss Off Hat - Black 

Turtle Fur Kiss Off Hat - Black 

 I immediately thought of those ski bunnies when I saw this hat. Even though it's black, the pink kiss adds some flirtatious spice to the drab winter season. 


  1. Thanks for adding my sexy kiss photo pendant. :)

    Wow, those are cute.

    Keep up a great work!

  2. Thanks so much for including my "hugs n kisses" necklace in this great love day selection.
    jamjewelry designs