Monday, September 12, 2011

Branda creates woven dreams

Autumn puts me in the mood for warm drinks and warm knits. It’s the perfect season to stroll through the crisp dying leaves in a warm handmade scarf like the ones found on the etsy shop Branda. I recently was introduced to this shop and I can’t stop browsing through it. Branda is the brain child of two sisters, Mariana and Paula, who design and create their own crafts. Among the beauties that they make are knitted fall/winter wear that are woven with love. The quality of their products is seen in each piece, from the tre chic berets to the cozy ponchos. The styles are uniquely distinct and offer a stylish way to keep warm this season. 

 Among my favorite items are the lace shawl which can be worn in a variety of different ways, making their collection not only beautiful but versatile.

The robin egg blue scarf, which reminds me of the sky on a crisp but sunny fall day.

The hat above is beautifully woven and makes me less frightened of winters chill. 

There is the shoulder bag and coin purse that I keep eying. The bamboo handle on the shoulder bag contrasts yet compliments each other perfectly, as if it’s merging two seasons and the coin purse is just plain adorable.

The collection is sweet and simple. Fall and winter are more than welcome, if I get to live through it in at least one of these items.
Check out their store to see more pieces and to learn more about the two lovely ladies behind them.

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