Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Favorites

I love September. It is a month where two seasons coexist beautifully; it’s a time where new school years, fashions, and even feelings begin. It’s a beautiful month to speculate. The month of September itself is one of my favorites so finding other favorites this month is never a challenge.

1.Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake: Sephora gave me a sweet gift this month—Philosophy’s Vanilla Birthday Cake shower gel. Not only does it smell like a birthday bash, but it’s a creamy delight that cleans both my skin and hair well. The smell does not last on you (kind of wish it did) but it really comes out in the shower or bath and satisfies my birthday cake cravings.
2. It’s Raining Men by LUSH: Another shower gel that I gave a piece of my heart to was It’s Raining Men. LUSH has created an incredibly delicious smelling product with this one. Though I can’t say much about its cleaning abilities, since I haven’t used it, the scent alone puts it high on my list. It’s made with lotus flower and honey but it smells like THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER (pardon my enthusiasm). If you’re familiar with Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, it’s a lot like that. But in my opinion, it’s better.

3. Forever21 peach dress: I went on shopping spree at Forever 21 and one of my favorite items I bought was this Peach Ruffle Dress I feel as if I’m wearing a flower when in it. It’s very easy to accessorize and it was a great price. It’s the kind of dress I can wear just about anywhere

4. Summer/Autumn Days: When the leaves are a colorful spectacle, but the grass still has green in it and the warmth of the sun can be felt on my skin, I’m happier than a girl in love. I like when seasons befriend each other rather than fight one another in an act of domination. This month had many days when you knew that it wasn’t quite summer anymore but it wasn’t yet autumn. Days like those are picturesque, easy to dress, and often full of memories.

I’m going to miss you September.

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