Monday, September 5, 2011

August Faves

Bodycology Body Mist, Vanilla Cupcake, 2-Fluid Ounce (Pack of 6)August’s heat had me searching for cool comfort.  There was barely a breeze, even in the evening and the rains were short and more misting than cooling. I longed for summer storms and sweet treats this month. But what I got was enough to make the list of favorites. 

Bodycology vanilla cupcake body mist: This body mist may not be edible, but it smells good enough to eat! The scent does not last long, so it’s a good thing it comes in a 238mL bottle. I sprayed, sniffed, went to vanilla cupcake heaven and then sprayed again. The scent is almost an identical replica of vanilla cupcake…with sprinkles!

Stila Shine on Gift of Glaze ($48 Value) Shine on Gift of GlazeStilla lip glaze: Though I hate the applicator, I love this lip glaze. I don’t like it for the simple reason I can’t control how much comes out which is a shame considering the high cost of the product). But that negative draw back isn’t enough to keep this item off the list. The raspberry flavor I’ve been using is not notable in scent, but in moisture. It feels nice on the lips and gives the lips a pretty hint of color that can be worn on bare lips or on top of your favorite shade. 

Samsung link: My cellphone went to mobile heaven this month forcing me to buy a new one. I’m not one for expensive gadgets (actually I love expensive gadgets I just didn’t have the budget for it), so I opted for the Samsung link. It came at a great price and is easy to use. If you’re someone who does not need/want an app loaded phone, but would like to check your email on the go or listen to music, I recommended it. It’s great for texting (even slowpoke me can do it) and the camera is decent for a cell. 

Thunder storms: Lightening dances in the sky, thunder drums its own beat, and rain falls to pieces at the entire spectacle. I love thunderstorms! I wished for one every night, and though most nights my wish went un-granted, on the nights it did I was watching and listening in awe at the magic above me.

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