Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beauty Dayz: Derma e tea tree & vitamin E antiseptic crème review

Derma E Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme   I picked up this moisturizer on a whim while in the drug store and have been using it regularly for the past couple weeks. Here is my review of the derma e tea tree & E antiseptic creme
If you don't feel  like reading, scroll to the bottom to watch my video review of this product.


High quality ingredients: I opened up this product while I was in the store and a strong tea tree scent came at me. It is very powerful. Though the scent doesn’t bother me it might bother those that don’t like strong smelling products. I liked it because it let me know, right away, that it had a natural ingredient in it. This product is natural and organic. It has vitamin E, A, and D which are all great for the skin and has few chemical products.

Efficient:  I used it as soon as I got home (after washing my face) and within a couple hours I could see a dramatic improvement in my skin. I had bought it get rid of a few pimples and spots and it didn’t take long before the spots were less visible and the pimples were practically gone. I didn’t have to wait a few days; this crème works fast.

Skin softening: In addition to clearing up any blemishes I had, the derma e tea tree & vitamin E antiseptic crème also made my skin very soft. My skin has a glow about it when I put it on and it lasts for the entire day. My pores were smaller; my skin was smoother and any skin irritations got cleared up.

My sister who suffers from eczema has been using this product and says it helps to tame her flare ups. She says her skin is less itchy and the rashes are gone. I can see a difference on her skin where she been using this crème.  Also, because of the avocado, this product is very moisturizing. I’ve replaced it with my other moisturizer because I don’t have keep reapplying it. I put it on in the morning and it keeps my skin nourished all day long.

Multipurpose: This product is actually an antiseptic crème, so unlike other moisturizers that may make the skin soft but have no other benefit this is designed to treat skin problems. It’s good for sunburns, rashes of all types, dermatitis and other skin concerns. It does a great job of treating many skin problems and is recommended by dermatologists to people who don’t want a medicated treatment for their skin issue.

Affordable: Unlike the other crèmes on the self that were selling at 15 dollars or higher, the derma e is about 12 dollars. This is a good cost when compared to others in its field and when you consider everything it does.  Instead of a 20something dollar crème my sister can buy this one and get the same remedy without the harsh side effects. It is also one product that goes on sale often.

Highly recommended: Before buying the derma e tea tree and vitamin E antiseptic crème, I had never heard of the company.  But I was curious to see what other products they had and what other people were saying about it. On nearly every site I went it had a five star rating. Not many products hold up to consumer strong opinions but this one gets a lot of praise and a lot of recommendations.


I hardly ever give five star ratings. No matter how good a product is there is a flaw somewhere. However, I cannot find one thus far with this product. I have been using it for more than two weeks and it’s still working great. I suppose if the tea tree smell is too strong for you then this won’t be a favorite of yours but I don’t mind it and therefore this product gets a 5/5 in my books. 

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