Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yellow Accessories

We're nearing the end of the yellow brick road..ha ha...I really wanted to say that. Yes yes it was silly and cliche but the fun yellow items post are almost at an end. I figure if I was walking down a yellow brick road, instead of a wizard, aka weird old man, I'd find a lovely yellow rainbow with big pot of golden accessories like the ones below.

iPlay® Print Umbrella - Yellow One Size

It can't always be sunny. Sometimes dark clouds emerge, but when they do just fight them off with this super cute umbrella. Bring on the rain I say!

Oval Jadeite and Onyx bracelet


 I love seeing yellow and black together. This bracelet from HappyTortoiseDesigns is a lovely, simple, classic piece for a summer outfit.

Blissful Blossoms - 24K Earrings



I love these earrings. I think they would go with a lot of things in my wardrobe and be a nice way to dress up a bland outfit.  

Mushroom ring r207


This ring just makes me smile. I don't actually know why I like it so much, I just do. 

Wendy the Chick Leather Keyring ( Yellow )

Hehe, I love this key chain. It is so cute. I'm a bit of a collector of key chains and it's always nice to see a happy one like this. 


This bow adds pizazz to just about any outfit. I love the color and style of it. Add it to a frou frou dress or skirt and you'll really be the life of the party.

14k Yellow Gold Filigree Disk Dangle Earrings 

Great pair of earrings, if I do say so myself...I'm talking as if I made them...yeah right. I'd be so lucky to have that much talent. I'd also be so lucky to own these. 

Lucky Brand - Another Roadside-Put On A Happy Face (Yellow) - Jewelry

This necklace looks so pretty with a black top or dress. I mean yes it goes with every color, but it really comes alive against a black surface. Besides the happy color, I enjoy the happy faces on this necklace.

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  1. What a lovely collection. Thank you so much for including my mushroom ring. I am so glad you like iT. =)
    You have a lovely blog. Keep up the good work. =) ***