Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yellow handbags

If there's one way to brighten up any outfit without looking like a blinding light it is with a yellow handbag. It has to be one of the most versatile ways to add cheer to your look. Even in the grey of winter a yellow handbag can draw out the sun. I choose an array of different handbags from different designers to add a ray of sunshine to your outfit.


This is a five star bag according to those that already own it. Perhaps it's because it's big but doesn't feel big. Even when it's stuffed to the brim it still looks slim. The pale yellow color, I feel, is non intrusive. Bright enough to make you smile without being neon.

Kate Spade Tompkins Square Carolyn Mini Handbag

Kate Spade makes some pretty lovely bags. Most people like her bags for their simplistic versatility. They go with almost anything and work for every season. This bag is a classic Kate Spade bag--simple design, sophisticated and yet slightly playful. I like the yellow shade a little more than the one above too.

MAXX NEW YORK Opium Pleated Shoulder Bag

This bag is so cute. I just want to pinch it's chubby cheeks.

Rafe New York - Kim Minaudiere

This was a very popular clutch this season. It came in a variety of colors but I like the yellow one best (mind you the blue was great too). I like Rafe New York for their cutting edge accessories. If you're more of a modern day fashionista then Rafe New York most likely has something to suit your taste. I love this bag because carrying it means I don't have accessorize a whole lot. 

Silk Lined Yellow Birds on a Branch Frame Kisslock Clutch

If this clutch doesn't make you smile then you're just a really grumpy person. It's so adorable! It comes from BrianaEdelmanDesigns and in all honesty all her items are just as sweet looking. Don't those cute love birds make you want to peck someone on the cheek. 

The Hobo...

This is a great summer bag. I like that it isn't a plain yellow bag; the flowers and leaves really compliment the fabric. LooptheLoop, the esty shop where it comes from has several similar bags. The all have this vintage look to them that I love. This one however is my favorite.  

Yellow Black and White Quilted Purse Flowers

You may not be able to see it, but this bag has a lot of really cute features such as the side pockets and the yellow buttons down the front. jhfabriccreations did a great job with this bag. It's so sunny and sweet.


O.k. so I know this isn't a handbag but it is a bag, it's yellow and it's flipping cute, so it makes the list. I saw this on the etsy shop farfallagialla, and thought "I must deprive a  five year old the joy of having this." If I worked outside the home this would definitely be my lunch bag and I have a feeling my food would taste better for having been kept in it. 

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