Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Acorn Accessories

I find myself admiring the most seemingly mundane things sometimes. An acorn laying on the ground, one autumn day, made me think of it's place in the fashion world. Such a small item, but as I found out it's given a number of designers creative inspiration. Just look below to see some of the adorable acorn accessories one can find online.

Acorn Hat

 Most of the acorn hats I found were for children and infants, but I was fortunate enough to find this adult acorn hat from etsy seller talk2thetrees. It's a perfect fall hat for the quirky accessory lover. I like how, while it does look like an acorn, it doesn't look costumey, and still plays off well as a fashion accessory. 

Autumn Leaf Earrings

I adore the colors of these earrings from forthecrossjewlery.  I feel it's truly been infused with autumn. The added acorn gives it that extra seasonal touch. It's are the type of accessory that would be bound to get compliments. 


Acorn Necklace


Ice Blues has made a lovely necklace inspired by the acorn. I love the tree branch the acorn hangs off of. It gives it a unique touch. 

Acorn Wood Bookend

 While this may not be a clothing accessory, it is an accessory and it's far too cute to not feature. This acorn shaped bookend from Graphic Spaces is adorable and would fit nicely in a nursery or if you're young at heart and simply like cute items you can put it anywhere.


Punched Acorn Sparrow Bag

 This unique bag features punched acorn detailing. It includes a detachable strap so it can be worn as a cross body bag. Because of the nature of the leather, be cautious when wearing light clothing because the color can transfer. 

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