Tuesday, April 20, 2010

French Kiss Bubble Bar review and demo

The French kiss bubble bar from lush is an adorable little bubble bar that is packed with French oils to help sooth your skin. I bought one a little while ago and here the pros and cons relating to it.


Smells nice: The French kiss bubble bar is made with lavender oil and that is the leading scent. There is even a little lavender stem to decorate it. When used in the tub the scent, while mild, is calming and soothing. It’s a very feminine, dreamy bath bomb that would be great in the evening.

Easy to use: This is a very soft bubble bar. It’s easy to cut in half and there is no glittery, greasy, confetti mess to clean up. Some bubble bars can take a while before the bubbles start forming, but this one works right away.

Skin softening: While I didn’t find this to be a very moisturizing bubble bar, the French kiss is softening. It leaves your skin feeling silken soft.


Doesn’t last long
: Neither the scent or the effects of the bubble bar last very long. After about 15min I could barely smell it (which may be good if you don’t like the smell) and after an hour my soft skin was starting to feel dry. The bubbles also disappear quickly, not giving you enough time to truly enjoy them. For those of you who like your hour long baths, you’ll most likely be sitting in a bubble-less tub long before then.

Crumbly: Handle this bubble bar with care. Because it is so soft, it easily crumbles.

Expensive: This is not a budget buyer’s bubble bar. The little thing costs almost 9 dollars. If it lasted longer, I’d be gritting my teeth less while purchasing, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Thus, it’s not exactly worth the price.

All in all, I like the French kiss bubble bar. It’s very calming and a great bar to relax with. The smell isn’t strong so you can easily cocktail it with other stronger bath bombs and bubble bars. I wish this cutie of a bubble bar lasted longer.

Check out a demo of the French kiss bubble bar below 

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