Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Better with Lush

We all have items we use to get-well-soon when we're a feeling under the weather, and as mentioned in my previous post I've haven't been so good. Luckily, lush cosmetics offers a number of great products that work to feel better faster. Below are some items I recommend for getting better faster.

1. Honey Trap Lip Balm: My lips often get dry when I'm not feeling well, and usually I rely on Vaseline to remedy this. However, I recently discovered that the honey trap lip balm from lush is equally effective. As an added bonus honey trap tastes better--I mean it has white chocolate in it for goodness sake; sorry Vaseline but you can't compete with white chocolate.

2. Demon in the Dark Soap: Perhaps it's all the mint used to make this soap, but this item helps to clear up a blocked sinus. After using it, I not only feel clean and refreshed (something very rewarding when you feel sick and gross) but also alive and sexy. It's not often I feel flirtatious when I'm sick but demon in the dark soap brings out my inner demon.

3. Massage bars: Ease and convenience is vital when I'm not well, which is why I love and prefer the massage bars from lush. They get my skin nourished and moisturized without having to deal with messy creams. The wiccy magic massage bar is great for sore achy muscles but beware that it is a little messy due to all the aduki beans inside. This is why I prefer some of the other bars like sore labours, which offer the same muscle relaxant as the wiccy without the mess.  
4. Cleansers: If there's one thing I hate about being sick it's the damaging effects it can have on my skin. I just hate looking sick. For the longest time I couldn't find anything that made my skin look "healed" and rejuvenated, until I started using lush cleansers. I don't have just one that love. They all work to shrink pores, clear blemishes and make you look less sick. However, lush does make different ones for different skin types. For example, fresh farmacy is great for sensitive skin; ocean salt ocean cleaners works well for very oily skin and angels on bare skin, as well as, herbalism feed moisture into dry or combination skin. 

The sooner we get better, the sooner we can get on with more pleasant things like shopping, so if you're looking for items that will help to get you better faster check out lush cosmetics.

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