Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Lovin

By the time the second last week of April came around I realized there were a number of things I either fell in love with or was still in love with. I’m not a heavy journalist, and don’t always go out of my way to keep track of my life, so in an attempt to remember some of the things that make me smile from month to month I’ll be chronicling it here. For one, my paper mound is getting ridiculous and I actually read my own blog.
April brought a lot of spring time warmth into my life. There was a feeling of causality and easy metropolitan fun. I noticed many of my April faves were kick starting spring and I hope May will continue the pattern.
My April Faves

Lush Cosmetics
Yes, I'm still in love with lush. And my favorite products this month were the french kiss bubble bar and the Dorothy bubble bar.

You can see demos here:

Ann Marino Shoes
For their comfort, style and budget friendly options, Ann Marino was my shoe pick this month.

 For Audrey By China Glaze

I know I'm usually raving about O.P.I, but this month china glaze surprised me and made me expand my nail polish horizons. I was wearing all sorts of brands this month. But For Audrey led the color pack. It was more of a sentimental, Audrey love than it was a color love. While it does come close to the Tiffanys box, and does receive a lot of compliments, I like it because it's long lasting, goes on smooth and thick with just one coat and believe that Audrey herself would approve.
I actually have a video that I will post later.

Popsicle mini pops
I was craving creamsicles all month. I'm not sure what the exact name of it is, but the ones with ice cream inside and a chocolate shell were my making up my three course meals. I like the Popsicle brand because they were a respectable size--not too big but filling enough. They're also a better price than many of the other brands.

Belle Epoque Korean Band
 This band makes me want to lay in a daisy field. I know I'll be listening to them for a long time. They're soft melodic tunes, make me happy, dreamy, and calm. I first heard them on the coffee prince soundtrack. They're a Korean band, so I'm not sure what they're saying exactly but they sound good. My favorite song so far is may, which is not found on their album, but on the coffee prince ost.

Have a listen

Coffee Prince Korean Drama

I'm a big Asian drama fan. It's one of my leading hobbies...actually I'm an addict. There are a lot of "good" ones. But "great" ones are smaller in population. Coffee Prince however is a blast and a half. I was actually really sad when I finished it. It's basically about a girl that everyone thinks is a boy due to her lack of "femininity," and the guy that ends up falling for "him." I wasn't eager to watch it at first, but now I can't help wanting to see it several times over. 

For fun, check out some of the first episode

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