Monday, February 8, 2010

Gimmicky Fashion Trends

As a general rule, I try to stay away from what I call gimmicky fashion trends. I’m more of a classic piece shopper. Hence why I love the trench coat so much--it’s timeless, ageless and can be reworked. Most fashion trends tend to have some longevity i.e the 1960 pencil skirt isn’t going anywhere. But I’ve noticed, over the last little while, that some designers are pumping us with gimmicky fashion trends.
These are items that won’t take you into next season, they’re difficult to rework, and they often have age limits. They’re usually over exaggerated with over the top bells and whistles and come with a hefty price tag. I believe your wardrobe is an investment, and when you shop for any item, you want to consider what your ROI (return on investment) will be for that item.
Most of us can recognize an over the top item when we see it. Runway fashion shows always give us an eye appealing display of impractical clothing, but what about the everyday shops. Can you spot a gimmicky fashion trend?
Here are few that everyone is grabbing at these days.

Now I’ll admit I like some of the “fly by night” trends. They’re interesting fun pieces to have as a part of one’s wardrobe. But unless you can find a very cheap version of it, they’re not worth the price, because they don’t hold longevity. They often only last one season before everyone starts to notice they’re out of date. Not “cool vintage” out of date, but “can’t keep up with the trends” out of date. So before you unload your wallet for a new spring wardrobe, consider if you’re simply buying into a gimmicky fashion trend.

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