Thursday, February 2, 2012

B.Kamins Bio-Maple vegetable skin cleanser

In my Glymm box I recieved a sample of B.Kamins' bio-maple vegetable skin cleanser. The sample was enough for me to try it out for about 2 weeks. This product claims to be a gentle cleanser that helps improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Below are some of the pros and cons I found with this product.


Cleans Well: This product claims to be able to remove makeup and while I never used it for that purpose, I did cleanse my face with it and found it did the job well enough. It did not leave any residue on my face, always washing off cleaning.

Gentle: A major pro with this cleanser is how gentle it is. It never irritated my skin. This is great if you have sensitive skin and makes it usable for all skin types.


No skin benefits: The entire time I used this product (which was everyday for 2 weeks) I never noticed any skin benefits. It didn't refine my pores, or reduce blemishes. My skin didn't glow after using it and didn't help tame any acne I had. It's basically a cleanser and does nothing much besides that. This was dissapointing considering the fact that the company claims it improves the look of the skin.

Smells funny: Though the bio-maple vergetable skin cleanser is supposed to be fragrance free, it smells like vegetables. Scents of products don't usually bother me but this one had a funny vegetable smell that made using it unpleasant I found myself holding my nose in to avoid smelling it. It doesn't last long but there is a definite smell there that I did not like.

Price: For a product that that doesn't do anymore than clean the skin, 38 dollars is asking a bit much. I don't feel the product the product is worth the highend price tag.

Overall: B.Kamins bio-maple vegetable cleanser is gentle product and it does clean well but since it is way out of my budget and doesn't offer any added benefits it's not a product I can see myself purchasing. I give it a 3/5

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