Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rahua Shampoo and Conditionor Review


In my Glymm Box, I receive a sample of Rahua's shampoo and conditioner. It was enough for one wash, so this review the results I saw after that single use. Rahua is made for color treated hair. I have never dyed my hair so I will not being covering that aspect in my review



Good Lather: Although you don't the lather to get clean hair, it's nice to have. Rahua shampoo lather very nicely. At first it was not lathering much but after I applied more and continued the wash I saw and feel a nice rich lather on my hair.

Clean hair: I went a while before using this product to see how it handled a greasy dirty scalp. It did the job great! My hair literally felt "squeaky clean." My hair doesn't always feel super clean with other shampoos, but this made my scalp feel fresh.

Don't need much: This shampoo gets the job done without having to use half the bottle.


Expensive: At 32 dollars for the 9 oz bottle, Rahua is definitely high end shampoo. It's not a budget friendly option for a student such as myself. Though it is made 100% natural ingredients, I don't think that's a enough excuse to price it so high.

Strips hair of natural oils: My hair felt clean, but it also felt stripped. It claims not to do this, but my hair felt as if someone dragged out all the nutrients. It was a little too clean.

The scent: I did not like the smell of the shampoo. It smelt like wheat, which makes sense since that is one of the ingredients but it also had a smell similar to black licorice, which is a scent I do not care for.


Creamy: I loved the texture and feel of Rahua conditioner. It was creamy, but not too thick. This made it very easy to apply and work through the air.

Can be used as styling cream: Perhaps because of the texture, this conditioner also doubles as a styling product. You simply work a little into your hair while stying and it helps to control the hair.

Tamed the frizz: My hair is quite curly naturally and often frizzy, but Rahua conditioner made my locks a lot more manageable.


Expensive: $34 is not a price I can afford for a conditioner. If this product can be found on sale, then perhaps is a good investment but at it's full price it is out my budget.

The scent: The conditioner smells a lot like the shampoo the only advantage is it milder. But it was I not a scent I liked.

In my opinion, the shampoo claims to do more than it does. At it's current price, I expected more form it. The conditioner did make my hair more manageable but again it's too pricy. The shampoo gets a 3/5 and the conditioner a 3.5/5

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