Friday, February 10, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Coming out of my cage

Coming out of my cage

It is so easy to get trapped in a style cage--repeatedly being drawn to the same looks, trying on and buying similar items to what one already has in their closet. Easily you can become a style bore, even if your clothes are all lovely, simply because you constantly stick to same ol' look.

We find what works for us and get stuck. Instead of updating our wardrobe, we buy items we already have in different colors. What's the fun in that? Style is fun. Fashion is fun. And part of that fun is experimenting with different looks. I dare you, just for this weekend, try a look you rarely consider. If you are always in blacks and dark shades, try adding some red or blue to your outfit. Do you always look trendy? Why not test out a classic look. Or perhaps exchange your cutesy flats for some killer platform heels.

Have fun experimenting and enjoy your weekend!

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