Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Faves

July seemed fast. It felt like we started out in the second week! There were days when I mistook the time I had for more than the month was actually offering. It wasn’t a matter of having so much fun that time was flying or being so busy you need more time (well it could be the latter). I felt as if I was standing still watching the days of the first month of summer take off in a rapid fashion, wishing it would slow down enough for me to take note of all my favorites.

Sakana Grill: I don’t normally write about places I visit, but this place deserved a feature. China town is packed with sushi eateries, but none are quite as fun as this one. In the heart of my city’s China town is this entertaining restaurant the Sakana Grilll.

What makes this place worthy of a faves mention? It’s what you wish a restaurant would be. The service is good, with friendly servers. But that isn’t what makes them special. Three things make this sushi place stand apart from others I’ve been to.

 One is being offered try a sushi dish on the house. Apparently this happens quite often, and it’s nice to be given the opportunity to try a meal that I may end up picking in the future.

 The second was the magic show. Between 6 and 9pm one of the workers puts on a magic show. It’s not mandatory that you watch. She’ll come to your table and ask politely;  the show isn’t long. In fact I wish it were longer since she’s sweet and talented.

Thirdly, you get free pocky for dessert! I should mention this is a treat for the ladies. This restaurant has boosted its appeal by adding some nice features, making it stand apart from other places where you simply eat and look at the décor.

Glymm box: Glymm is a newly launched beauty sample company. I love my samples and getting boxes such as these are a thrill for me. I have a video below where I go through an unboxing of the fist box they sent out. But as a quick summary of them: For $10 (they have other subscription offers) you get a box of around 5 high end deluxe samples. The thing I love about this company is the way they connect with their audience. They’re not a stuffy nosed beauty company. Once you join, you can fill out a form that lets Glymm offer products suited to you. I’ll be posting more unboxings in the future, so those who are curious can see just what exactly they give out.

Vintage type writers: Since April, I’ve been looking for a cute type writer, even contemplating purchasing one online. As luck would have it my sister and I found one in a thrift store for just $5. What luck!  Type writers are so full of charm and seem to be iconic symbols for passionate writers.  They also make great items to decorate with. I doubt years from now any laptop will have that same power. For now it’s just sitting, looking pretty. But it does work and one day we might put it to work.

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