Friday, July 1, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Sunny's Day

Sunny's Day

I'd like to kick up heels in those boots, tip my cowboy hat to a rustic gentleman and sway to-and-fro in the printed tier dress. This summery set puts in mind of horses and grassy fields, but not in the hillbilly way. This is a city slicker's version of making a country impression. No matter how much jeans are supposed to represent country living, I still prefer a sunny day dress to pants in the summer. I'm not a jean girl in any respect. And I'll never consider them adequate for dressing up, expect to maybe a cowfolk's party. Will I be bringing out my inner cowgirl this weekend? Possibly, as I get ready for a festival that is moving into town, themed on good ole country fun.

Have a sunny weekend. 

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