Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In The Trench Shoes

 In The Trenches Shop has been stocked with some pretty, head turning, wild shoes. Some of them are a bit too wild for my personal taste but they caught my eye and perhaps may catch yours. 

Myra02 Peep Toe Woven Platform Pump PINK

 I love both the look and the price ($30.80) of these darlings. They're just a pretty, simple heel to wear with cute shorts or sweet summer dress. 

Object Glitter Flat Shoes PINK

 Here's another pair of inexpensive shoes for the summer. Not sure if it was the pink, or the glitter that caught my attention, but I'm certain these shoes will draw eyes as you lead a path of sparkle down the streets.

M1062-20 Spike Studs Wedge Heel Pumps BLUSH

 I like studs; they're not always easy to dress with but they make a great bold statement. The addition of studs to these pastel pink wedges makes what would normally be basic wedges at lot more dramatic.

The Highest Heel Women's Lux-41 Open Toe Boot


 These heels remind me of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. Apparently, they are well received by the public, getting lots of compliments. The question I asked myself when I saw these heels was "would I wear them?" If the Cheshire cat and I had a date and I wanted to make a good impression I may slip these on and chat with the silly cat;  besides that, I can't see myself pairing these wild heels with too many items in my wardrobe.

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