Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thrift Store Styles

One thing worth loving is a thrift store. I'm lucky that there are a lot in my area and that they often have bag sales to afford me the opportunity to stock up on retro, vintage and sometimes just plain wacky items. But even the wacky ones find away to make an outfit "special." I got the jacket from a bag sale (I think it's even in a haul video) was stumped at first as to how to wear it but skinny jeans makes most things presentable.
I love the color of the jacket and the very retro style of it. It's the kind of material that's warm on cool nights, breathable in warm weather.

    The love of thrift stores is definitely a family thing. My sister made this outfit from a skirt she got from a second hand store. I love how she creativly made it into a dress. She looks like a country cutie.

My mom also joined the vintage fun.

I do shop in regular stores too.

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