Friday, July 2, 2010

Coming Up Roses

If there's one thing I love about spring time and warm weather in general it's the look of the flowers blossoming from baby buds to floral beauties. I was sat in my garden a couple weeks ago, literally stopping to smell the roses, when some flower petals blew in my direction and I became inspired, aware, and taken aback as to how much designers take from nature in regards to floral inspiration.

Flower prints have always been seen in one collection or another. Take Gemma Degara who has morphed flowers into a work of fashion art for a couple pieces in her S/S 11 collection.

It's obvious that if you want a style hit opting for something like flowers, that virtually everyone thinks is pretty, will get a nod of approval.

Dr. Martens R11821612 1460 Valentine Rose 8 Eye Boot

Angelskin rose pin

 Belle rose scarf

Roses in particular are one of the most over used and seen plants in fashion--making it a fashion symbol and icon and it only took what 100 or so years. I have a lot of years a head of me if I want that kind of instant fashion and style approval.

ZALES Ed Hardy Gold Ion-Plated Rose Cuff ss other

 Bourne Madeline Wristlet

 Caravan Basic Medium Black Headband With Polished And Painted Matt Silver Rose

Now roses aren't my favorite flower, nor is it my desired print for fabrics, but I can't help wanting a few rose accessories in my style garden.

Galleria Antique Rose Folding Umbrella (Antique Rose)

Lovely Rose Print Black and White Pashmina - White

Mia's Crystal Studded Light Pink Rose Ring

 Raffia Rose Suede Peep Toe 

Studio TMLS Acapulco Rose Front Heeled Sandals


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