Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pied de pepper foot lotion VS Fair Trade foot lotion

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 Pied de Pepper Foot Cream by LUSH
Fair Trade Foot Lotion by LUSH 

Pied de pepper and Fair Trade are both excellent foot lotions by lush. I use them regularly and like them both. But lately I was wondering, is one better than the other?  For a week a tested pied de pepper on my left foot and fair trade on my right to see how they stacked up between each other. This comparison review covers scent, efficiency, effectiveness and overall value for money.


I personally like the smell of both of these foot lotions. Pied de pepper smells like ginger and cloves and has a very spicy smell and feel to it. Fair trade is a classy combination of spearmint and peppermint. Pied de pepper is more noticeable than fair trade but it’s not over powering. Neither of them smell pretty or fun. But instead smell “like they work.”  

How fast do they work?

Pied de pepper’s purpose is to reduce perspiration and soften hard skin. Fair trade on the other hand is meant to relieve aching feet as well as soften skin. As soon as I apply pied de pepper I feel the ingredients being absorbed into my feet.  M feet feel smooth and soft right away. Fair trade however, was always about 2-3 minutes behind. This is still very fast in terms working speed. But pied de pepper did begin to work sooner. 

How well did they work?

In terms of controlling my perspiration pied the pepper does do this. It also helps my feet when they are aching the way fair trade is meant to. But fair trade makes my skin feet softer, smoother and more relieved than pied de pepper. It also works longer than pied the pepper. 

My regime was usually to put both lotions on after my shower and not reapply for the rest of the day, at the end of the day I noticed that my feet were still soft but my right foot with fair trade felt more moisturized with no cracks around the heel. Now this is great for fair trade, the only con is pied the pepper is a little thicker in texture and so I only needed to apply a small amount. I found myself using a little more of the fair trade to get the same consistency.  Also pied de pepper, with all its spices feels more active than fair trade. I would say fair trade is more subtle than pied the pepper.  I can go through the day and not notice fair trade, but I definitely notice pied de pepper. 

Overall bang for buck

Pied de pepper sells at 15.95 for 100g which is not bad considering that you don’t need that much. A little goes a long way. Fair trade is 22.95 for 225. I can see why it comes in a larger jar since a lot more is required. However, its acting length is long lasting. And because you don’t need to reapply throughout the day one can make it last. Overall both are worth the price but it might be better spending a few more dollars for fair trade if you like the smell.

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