Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fluttery fun on etsy

My go to place for handmade butterfly accessories is etsy. Not only is there a wide variety but it's also nice find and own something that has not been mass produced. Take this colored rain butterfly comb from thehoneycomb shop. The bright colors indulge my visual senses. It looks as if a group of pretty winged creatures came and landed on the models head

These gold filled hoops with the 3D butterfly from terminy  also caught my eye. I see  lot of butterfly earrings but I haven't ones quite like these.

Butterflies are obviously not a rare design decision, but etsy shop owners like lonkosh and zaracarpenter have created pieces that, although are obviously beautiful, aren't the mediocre styles that big chains produce to appeal to the masses. They truly do bring out the work of art that is so often seen in nature's butterfly.

GOLD PINK and GREEN Vintage Cluster Collage Necklace

The Utterly Magical Flutter Of Butterflies Hat


It wasn't difficult to see why the butterfly has become such a style inspiration for me, after looking at so many etsy shop pieces. They just made me want to shop, dress up and walk through a pixie a forest.  

Summery Mariposa



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