Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentino Embroidered Light Weight Trench Coat

Wow, was the first word that came to mind when I saw this Valentino embroidered trench coat.The embroidery detail is the main selling point of this trench coat. It is found at shoulders, front and back yoke and waist. I also love the classic shirt collar and how light weight it is. It is made from exclusive Valentino light wieght "MEC" frabic. The coat is simply a work of art and would look great with some equally artsy accessories.

The thing I love about these shoes is that while stylish, they wouldn't steal too much attention away from a main piece such as the trench coat
Kiosk D'Orsay Ruffle Platform Pumps BONE

Kiosk D'Orsay Ruffle Platform Pumps BONE



Tremendous Flirty Fun Ruffle Double Handle 



Romantic headpiece clip Beige Chiffon petals champagne ribbon bow with teardrop plastic gem barrette fascinator

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  1. This trench coat is beautiful, but Burberry's trench coat is much better when it comes to design. That bag is gorgeous and I want to have it.

    Christina @ Mens Jeans