Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: R. U. Listening

R.U. Listening?

Are you listening to the sounds of winter? Jingle bells, choir choruses, snow crunching under your boots, and fire cracklings--winter can be a noisy season!

This weekend I plan to be making noise in the form of bithday wishing shouts and merry laughter. My sister rings in her personal new year and it's a good excuse to make some noise. There's no need to keep quite, or be modest and I don't plan to--not even with my weekend style.

The hot red stockings inspired me to add some attention grabbing elements to my style as I sing happy birthday to my sister and friends who are celebrating this weekend. The cape is a big seasonal hit. I personally like my arms to be snug inside the sleeves of a tench coat, but the one in the set is lovely enough to tempt me away from my usual coat fixation.

If you are also having a birthday this month, I wish you a very happy birthday may your year be filled with mirth and blessings and may your weekend, whether it's your birthday or not, be a worth making some noise about!

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