Friday, November 4, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: The Modern Age

The modern age

If there's one thing I refuse to do during this cold season it's to give in to drab colors. It's enough that weather looks gloomy, there's no need to dress like it. Even in winter, I think touches of print and color should be worked into an outfit. Something like the fitted bow knot pants can work in any season.

This outfit has a retro attraction. I'd wear it out to meet friends for late afternoon coffee, but it reminds me of a working girl in the 70s. It's interesting how today's idea of modern and trendy seems so old-age. Wardrobes today are a collection of pieces inspired by different eras. If someone were to pin point a distinct style trend from this era, I wonder what that would be.
I personally have no problem time traveling via my wardrobe.

Have a great weekend!

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