Friday, April 22, 2011

Enjoyweekends: Gorgeous in Green

It isn't any greener outside than when I started this week of posts but I have to say I am revved up to see spring make an entrance in my city. I hope you enjoyed this green week. I know I will be collecting more fashion items in this wonderful color. Green can be presented in so many ways and to wrap up this week I wanted to show you a couple ways green makes a fashionista beautiful.

This first set is just stunning. It's not my creation and I thank the person who did put it together because it is a beautiful set that uses green in such an effective manner. Just looking at it makes we want to have a girls night out with mother nature.

This second set may show green as more casual but not any less stunning. I love the combining of  dark rich browns, giving the set an earthy tone. I just love the dress and would love to celebrate earth day in it.

Thanks again for reading this. If you went through the whole week of green with me, please share some of your favorites. For new readers, welcome and thank you for joining my little fashion blog.

I hope you have a lush and beautiful weekend. If you can, take sometime to celebrate all that is green and alive around you.

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