Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty Dayz: Lush bubblegum lip scrub review

When lush came out with their lip scrubs last year, I was very excited to try them, particularly the bubblegum one. It was a product that, I felt, would be useful for the my dry lips and tasty. But I have mixed feelings about this lush product.Below are some pros and cons about the bubblegum lip scrub.

1. Smells good. The smell of the bubblegum lip is much like the snow fairy shower gel. If you've never smelt snow fairy, then imagine the scent of strawberry bubblegum. That is what it smells like, and being a bubblegum scent fan, I really get a kick out of smelling this product. It's sweet and youthful.

2. Easy to use. No directions are necessary for this product, just take a little out and rub it on your lips.

3. Doesn't dry out quickly. This product can sit for a while without losing it's oils. This is plus for me because I didn't use it as frequently as I thought I would.


1. Doesn't work well. I thought this product would really help to smooth my lips and in a way it does, but perhaps my expectations were too high because I didn't get the smooth lips I sought after. With this product I had to scrub quite hard before it felt slightly smooth which only hurt my lips. A wet tooth brush can actually do the same thing this does without the pain.

2. Doesn't taste great. The smell might be nice, but the taste isn't. Granted it's not meant to be eaten, but even just a little taste on my tongue was unpleasant. To me there the a chemical after taste that sits on the lips and tongue.

3. Expensive. Lush sells their lip scrub for 8.95 in Canada and to me that is expensive. I think at 6.95 the product would be priced at its value. The only thing I can think of for justifying the higher price is that you don't need much.

The bubblegum lip scrub by lush is a sweet smelling product with a few flaws. It's does not work all too well and it is pricey but the smell alone makes it worth a try.

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