Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Faves

October was one heck of a month. Besides Halloween, which is something many people look forward to, it’s also the gear up to the Holiday season, which technically starts in November. Thus for many, October is an extremely busy and hectic precursor into November and December. For me, I felt the busyness, but I figure life in general is busy and so many are busy doing nothing anyway. Instead, we should say we are being productive and focus on trying to make ourselves and the world a better. Sometimes, that simply means taking a long nap to rejuvenate, or even catching a funny flick with a few friends. I don’t believe one has to stress themselves when it comes to improvement. I found plenty of time to be both productive and unproductive during October, and below are a few of favorite things during that month.

1. Kpop trending on twitter:  I’m a big kpop and jrock fan. One could say I’m a borderline fan girl, though I don’t come close to those true blue fans. For those of you who don’t know, kpop is Korean pop music and jrock is Japanese rock. And like with many music genres they create a sort lifestyle for their genre lovers. Though I don’t believe any music genre creates a cult the way kpop does. In fact, the cultish lifestyle is so extreme that kpop fans will spend hours and even days trending various topics on twitter about the kpop music world. It’s always interesting to see and one can get addicted reading the tweets, especially when they’re talking about a song or artist that you know about. So for helping me waste my precious time, kpop tweets makes the list.

2. The museum of fabulously expensive stuff aka Holt Renfrew: My friends’ boyfriend calls Holt Renfrew a museum because you can look at lot of neat things but you can’t take anything home with you, or at least I can’t on regular basis. But still it’s always fun to look and even try on the fashions, perfume, and handbags that one only dream about. But there’s another reason for loving Holt Renfrew and places of the like such as Saks—the employees are incredibly nice. When I go into Holt, even when I look like a bum, the employees always greet me and take time to help me! This shouldn’t be anything to glee about but it is considering how many stores, upscale or not, don’t offer customer service at the same level. Sometimes I go in there just to remind myself of how nice people can actually be.

3. Autumn:  I wrote a lot about how much I love the autumn season. At one point, I felt I was bombarding my readers with my excitement of the season. It was fall this and fall that for several posts, but I couldn’t help it. The inspirations I get from this time of year are plentiful. A kind of magic moves through the air, a build up to the most magical season of all: Christmas. Autumn reminds me that life changes; and change, as frightening as it may be, is beautiful.

What was your favorite thing about October?

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