Monday, October 10, 2011

Ulzzang Scarves

It's scarf season (isn't it always scarf season) and instead of the typical grey wool knits I thought about possibly adding some cute colorful prints to my scarf collection.  When an ulzzang wears a scarf it's often bold, with contrasting patterns and sometimes textures and can seen a feature piece of the outfit. I would love to make the collection below a part of my wardrobe.

Mango Polka dot scarf

The moment I saw this scarf I knew it would be part of this collection. Its print and strawberry red color are ulzzang cute.

Harry Potter fans will love this scarf from writemag. I never got into the fandom, but I do love the scarf for it's colors, not to mention it looks warm.

Cashmere Feel Patterened Unisex Pashmina Scarf

There are two reasons why I like this scarf: one is the pattern which can be worn by men and women; the other is the price. Amazon has this scarf available for 11.99 at the moment and that price I can afford to stay cute and warm this season.

Linea Three colour layered ruffle scarf


Quite unique. This three layer scarf would work with a plethora of looks. I'm picturing it with a colored trench coat such as red or blue. But I would also love to it with a cream colored knit dress.

Fall Infinity Scarf, Burnt Umber Blossom Autumn Neck Cowl

 The colors of this scarf would work well in both Fall and Spring. I found it on vintagedutchgirl's shop and didn't hesitate for a second to add it to this collection. 

Husky Scarf-Hat

These scarf-hat combos are very popular with ulzzangs. The paws are also mittens, so there's no chance of getting cold with cute winter accessory.

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