Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Skin Care Line Review

Early this month, I got the opportunity to test the skin care line Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. Upon receiving the package, I was extremely enthusiastic to try the items, considering that I had been eyeing it for a while.

Meaningful Beauty is an anti-aging skincare line formulated by renowned anti-aging specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Those who have seen the infomercial may know it as the magic melon product--as that is its big boast. I was interested to see if it lived up to all the hype or if it was just another celebrity blip.

For the entire month, I used this line and only this line as directed. I wanted to truly give it some time to see what the results would be and I didn’t want any other product competing with it.

In the package I received:

The Skin Soft Cleanser
Pros: It cleans well and you don’t need much. My skin feels touchably-soft after using, while I noticed a reduction in my pores.
Cons: Price-$36.00

Deep cleaning masque
Pros: A little goes a long way. It’s not tight feeling and easy to apply.
Cons: I was not sure if it was actually doing anything.

Glowing Serum

Pros: A little goes a long way. It helped to reduce pores and gave my skin a lovely glow.
Cons: Smell is a little funny. Price $53.00.

Antioxidant Day Crème 
Pros: You don’t need much and it gave my skin a healthy glow.
Cons: Price $45.00

Anti-Aging Night Crème
Pros: It moisturized well. My skin always felt smooth after use and a little goes a long way.
Cons: Price $60.00

Firming Chest and Neck Crème
Pros: You don’t need to apply a lot so it would last.
Cons: Didn’t notice any kind of change.

Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules
Pros: Everything about his product is amazing.
Cons: Price $69.00

Lifting Eye cream
Pros: A little goes a long way.
Cons: Didn’t notice a change

Product as a whole: When I first began using this product, I wasn’t impressed. Other than my face feeling clean after each wash, my skin didn’t seem to look or feel improved. I was a bit disappointed considering the hype. But by the third week, I was in love! This is one of those lines where the more you use the better it gets. The night cream, for example, gave me the most unbelievable glow, while continuous use of all the products, left my skin looking and feeling brand new.

I was surprised at the transformation, especially since I was not impressed the first week of use. I will say that as someone in my twenties it’s hard to give a review on whether or not it decreases fine lines, but I can say anyone at any age can benefit from at least one of the products in this line. The cleanser cleans well; it softened my skin and decreased my pores. The capsules are a product I will have to purchase because it greatly improved my skin and it’s not something you need to use everyday.

Personally, I do find the products pricy. So the claim of it being affordable for everyone doesn’t ring true for me. However, in terms of whether or not it works--it does. It doesn’t work instantly. It’s one of those products that gets better with time.

I would purchase this product and I would recommend it to someone looking for a product that can improve the look and feel of your skin.

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