Friday, August 26, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: The Shy Girl Speaks

The Shy Girl Speaks

Boldly say what you want to say without saying a thing. How? With your style. Whether we mean to  or not our clothes convey a message. They represent us far quicker than any verbal utterings. We say so much about ourselves through our choice of style, sometimes without meaning to. Change your look and you change your tone of communication.

You can go from serious and direct to sweet and poetic with just a few simple changes of accessories. We are not our clothes, this is a fact but our clothes are speaking for us.

This set says, I may be conservative, but I know how to have fun. We have some pops of summer colors and classic blue jeans to give off the message.

I'd like to say...I want those shoes! And have a great weekend.

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