Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Faves

I am still in the hospital and am starting to wonder when I'll be getting out to enjoy May. The quiet (and not so quiet) time in here really allows one to think and reflect. It's given me some time to think about some of the things that made April an enjoyable month.
As a note, because I am in the hospital, this post will be updated with photos once I return home.I wanted to get this post to you lovelies before May ended.

1. Shirley Temple.

Not all stylish things are made to be worn. Often, style can be defined as a moment, like having ones first sip of a sweet Shirley Temple virgin cocktail. The drink was created for the queen of cuties Shirley Temple when a bar tender noticed she wasn't able to drink like her adult coworkers when they attended premiers and other glamorous events. The non-alcoholic drink is made with two parts ginger ale, one part orange juice, a splash of grenadine and garnished with a maraschino cherry. I'd like to point out that mine had not one but two cherries. Not that it matters since I don't like that particular cherry. But I do adore the drink! It wasn't at all what I expected, and the next time I am in the restaurant that serves it, I'm going to live the whole experience over again.    

2. Sumptuous Bold and Volume Lifting Mascara by Estee Lauder
Makeup By Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara - # 02 Brown - 6ml/0.21oz

March's luxe box came with a sample of Sumptuous Bold and Volume Lifting Mascara by Estee Lauder
giving me the opportunity to try this high end beauty product. I can say with strong affirmation and confidence that it gives me lush lashes. The wand is designed to afford you close proximity to the root, letting you lengthen and lift the lashes from root to tip. So far, it has never been messy, gloppy, or sticky. It always go smooth and with no effort. It is also one of the few mascaras that does not irritate my eyes. My lashes always looked thick, and full without looking overdone. It is the best mascara I have tried in a long time and if it wasn't for the price (32.00 and up depending on where you get it) I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy it.

3. Me Too flats  
Me Too Women's Liliyana Ballet Flat,Black,8 M US
I am one of those sad shoe shoppers whose narrow feet keep them to the limited, boring, shoe stores. These stores are often so limited that I have been on a 3 year long hunt for decent summer flats. Yes folks, 3 years!  3 years of,  "these are cute, but will they fit, almost, oh wait, too big, maybe with insoles, still no good,  UGH!"
  However, finally I have a pretty pair of flats that fit and look great! They were over my budget but you really can't put a price on this kind of comfort. In fact, Me Too shoes has such a great selection of shoes for those with narrow feet that I may have found my new favorite shoe brand.

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