Friday, May 20, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Dr Goodyear

She breezed in. Some women do. And Dr. Goodyear, with her incredible style, breezed into my room to examine me. While she examined me, I looked her over: her shoes, her cardigan, her bits of accessories and thought, I want to feature you!

For the entire period that she worked the floor she came in with another great fashion assortment and each day I anticipated what she would be wearing. Never was  there a time of disappointment. I wanted everything she wore; her style fit my taste to a tee. Turns out Dr. Goodyear had an appetite for fashion (that shows in her fine taste of dressing) that led her to read beauty blogs, including this one!

Finding a fashionista in a hospital ward is rare and Dr. Goodyear very much  inspired me. I've seen many doctors in my time, and though they try, most stick to a professional demeanor  but Dr. Goodyear reminded me that you can have a bit of fun with your style no matter where you are. I'm not saying she looked wild, no, she was always sophisticated. But instead of black loafers (that I see on so many medical professionals) she wore cute sparkly flats. She always looked trendy and up to date without looking out of place in her professional field, proving that she was truly a style connoisseur. She even modeled a trench coat for me, that unfortunately my camera did not do justice to. 

For fun, and as thank you for being such a kind doctor, I decided to make this "Enjoy Weekends" post for her. Now, the above items are not necessarily things she wore or would wear.They are simply things that remind me of her.

I hope all of you are well, and not in need of medical treatment. But just in case you are suffering, I'm sure the doctor would prescribe a fashion remedy.

Have a healthy weekend.

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