Monday, May 23, 2011

Beauty Dayz- Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Advanced Cellular Age Defense Gentle Cleanser Review

I got a chance to try Elizabeth Grant’s advanced cellular age defense gentle cleanser, via loose button’s luxe box. Now, being in my 20’s I have to admit advanced age defense isn’t on my priority list when it comes to skin care. However, when one is given an expensive beauty product that one would never consider buying, one tries it. After multiple uses here is my list of pros and cons regarding this cleanser.


1. Pore Refining: For a while I have been looking for a product that seriously reduces my pores because when your pores look smaller your skin looks healthier and younger.  I tried many and for the most part they were good. At least I thought they were good, until I tried Elizabeth Grant’s cleanser. This cleanser refined my pores, like no other product I’ve tried so far. The smooth surface of my skin is kind of addicting to touch. I mean it. I want people to touch my face now.  I’ve had problems with the skin, especially on my cheeks in terms of smoothness and softness and for the first time in about 2 years my cheeks, entire face, feels touchable.

2. Cleans well: I should have mentioned that the first time I used the cleaner my face was very dirty. I had not washed it well in days and it felt and looked awful. With some skepticism, I opted for Elizabeth Grant’s cleanser to clean my face and surprisingly, it works great. I felt the grime on my face disappear without any harsh scrubbing. Which bring me to another pro. It is gentle. My face was never irritated using this cleanser.

3. No unpleasant smell. This cleanser does not have much of a smell and the little that it does have doesn’t smell unpleasant. It has the scent of shampoo in my opinion, not harsh just clean.


Expensive: The biggest con I found with this product is the price. Priced at $30 on her website, this isn’t a product I could regularly afford to own and use. Though you may only need a little, I found myself sometimes using a little more to get a good clean, which means this high end product might not last that long for one like me.  It is cheaper on Amazon, however.

4/5 is what I give this cleanser because it works. My skin feels and looks great but at its current price I can’t give it a 5 because it’s just not affordable.

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