Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Denim Accessories

 When I originally thought of denim I thought of jeans. Thus I had speculated that most of my blog posts would feature jean items. Not considering that denim also defines a color which can be found in many accessories. After figuring this out, I couldn't help but to go on a denim accessory hunt. 


Carolyn Pollack Denim Lapis and Sterling Filigree Heart Ring

Here's some denim I can live with. A denim ring is a nice way to go with this trend without having to overdo it.

Pearl and Denim Lapis Earrings

Pearl and Denim Lapis Earrings

Maybe it's the color of the stone, but I like these earrings. They have retro feel to them but they also look like they could work in a lot of modern outfits.

Sterling Silver Genuine Denim Lapis Chip Earrings

Here's another pair of earrings that have the 80's feel to them. I like stone earrings and seeing it in denim makes them extra charming.

Denim Bow Necklace

 This is such a sweet looking necklace. I love the way the dark wooden beads compliments the denim bow. I could see this working with a lot of casual summer and even fall outfits. 

Denim Zip Stud Bow Headband

How 80's! I'm really liking this headband despite the fact that it is obviously trendy and won't carry you through multiple seasons. It's edgy, stylish and cute. 

Denim Snakeskin Print Scarf, Ebony and Ivory



Denim and snakeskin? I love it! A scarf is always a nice accessory for any season and this one is so bizarrely awesome.   

ASOS Premium Denim Arm Sunglasses

Don't leave home without your retro denim sunglasses.


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