Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Demon in the dark soap by LUSH

Demon In The Dark Soap by LUSHEvery lushie has the item that started the addiction. For me it was demon in the dark soap. Now let me be clear by saying demon in the dark was not the first soap I tried or even the first item I used from lush. Rather it was an item I saw and thought “what crazy person made this…I think we need to be friends.” I finally did get the chance to try it and thus here’s my review/story of the item the peaked my lush interest.

The reason this review is a little different from my usual pros and cons list is I loved demon in the dark well before I used it. So, I know that my review will be a tad biased and sway to the positive side.

Demon in the dark arouses mixed feelings in me. I love it and I hate it. I remember looking at the lush website for the first time and seeing it. It must have been the name “demon in the dark,” that first caught my interest.  Then the colors melded in it made my imagination dance even more. It looks as mysterious as it smells and feels.

I remember my sister bought some (I never used it) and I saw it, smelt it and was too afraid to touch it. There really must some kind of demon in it.

Finally I decided I needed to try this soap that was creating some odd type of fantasy. I originally thought I created my own hype. That it wouldn’t be so great, but my instincts were bang one. I loved it!

Demon in the dark isn’t a soap, it’s an experience. Forgive me for sounding so over the top but it is. The smell is strongly minty, making it great for when you need to wake up or clear up a blocked sinus, but there is something else hidden in the misty mint that stirs the senses.

Perhaps it’s the apple juice. Then again it could be the cloves. I’m not sure what it is exactly but it’s not soap for the faint at heart.  Those that like to smell sweet like cherry pie probably won’t like this soap.

With demon in the dark you can both love it and hate it. It has a strong smell but the scent stays more in the shower than on your skin. It’s not the most moisturizing, though I was left feeling clean. And it has an annoying wax cover that you have to scrap off or deal with using. I won’t even get started on the leafy bits that can leave stains on your wash cloth.

See what I mean, there are a number of things to pull one away from this soap, but once you see it, and use it you get pulled back in.

It’s a great summer cooling option and it lather well (once the wax is off). I love the invigorating smell, the clean feeling and the mystery of it. It made me wonder, are all lush items such an experience? As someone who strongly believes that soap is just soap, I was greatly excited to learn that demon in dark had personality.

I highly recommend taking the risk and trying the soap. Ask lush for a sample if you don’t want to buy it and see if it brings out your inner demon.

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