Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where to get cheap designer duds

Let’s be honest, the recession did very little to keep us from shopping. It may however, have changed the way we shop. There’s a little less enthusiasm in forking over hundreds of dollars for a pair designer shoes. Thing is though, we still want those shoes! With smaller wallets and an ever increasing sense of desire we need to expand our shopping horizons in order to look good without causing a personal financial crisis.

One of the places that are becoming more popular for fashion shoppers are consignment stores. These are places that generally allow people to host their clothes and accessories there to be bought by others and earn a commission or store credit. Yes, it is a good way to make a little extra cash. But some people just think of consignment stores as second hand stores, not regarding them as legitimate fashion spots.

Being someone who has shopped in second hand stores all my life, I know what goods can be found there, but consignment stores tend to be a little different from the “charity stores” most people think about when the word second hand comes to mind.

For starters, not everything in consignment stores is second hand. Many of them offer new items, which is why they are great places for style hunters. You can find items that are trendy and very much in style, including designer items.

Trend, a consignment store in my city, has an entire rack of designer jeans, a shelf of designer shoes and designer hand bags throughout the store. Trend does not accept items that are more than a few months old, so it’s not rare to find trendy designer merchandise there. In fact, those who want look branded on a budget frequent there to get their “true religion” jeans for cheap.

Another consignment store, the Peacock Boutique has some of the prettiest fashion items I’ve ever seen, entering it is like entering another world. It also has a variety, offering something for virtually everyone.The new owner, Michelle Morigeau, who has worked there for 16 years, also works as a fashion consultant and I believe that contributes to the items in the store. Michelle claims to be “picky” and it shows, because her store carries a number of both designer and unique items that any true fashionista would stop and admire.


The beauty of these places and many consignment stores is you don’t feel guilty for buying that designer handbag. It’s a more cost effective way to look good, and since we don’t want to compromise beauty for price, consignment stores like Trend and the Peacock Boutique give you the option of looking good without going broke.

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