Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Etsy Wonderland

By far, etsy is the go to place for all things Alice. Over the past few months, I've been practically living on that site, looking through the many shops that offered alice in wonderland accessories.

The obsession didn't start because of the movie, but rather because of a particular item that made me want/need/desire more Alice and wonderland things.

Alice and the Tea Party. Customised laptop bag with Alice in Wonderland print.


 This is the bag that set of the chain reaction. I saw a while ago on an etsy shop called BabaLaptopbags, and when I did I knew I would soon be a very broke girl, because this shop offers a number of labtop bags, with different prints, and I have to collect them all. I don't need more than one bag but with all of them being a visual masterpiece, I should at least have one for every day of the week. Depending on what Alice mood I'm in. You can check out the store here for more info and products. 

ITS ALWAYS TEA-TIME tea cup bracelet

The next thing that set my heart a flutter were two separate bracelets from the same seller. These bracelets caught my eye and didn't leave my mind.


Insanejellyfish  offers some of the cutest accessories I've seen. So when I decided to have a tea party haul I knew these two bracelets were going to be part of it. I love that both have a single charm on it, but are silver and classic. Long after the Alice in wonderland mania dies down, I can still show off these bracelets. 




Allison Wonderland

  Alright, in all honesty I haven't bought this item, and not sure if I will since it runs way above my budget, but oh gosh is it ever beautiful. Besides trench coats, I don't usually feature clothes, but I had to make the exception for this dress. Even if it won't be seen on me, it should be seen on someone; it's gorgeous!

There are dozens of esty sellers selling Alice in wonderland inspired items.If you want a piece that will stand out, is hand made, or personalized, then you should consider checking out the site. 

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