Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Queen of hearts

Her heart might have been made of ice and her temper was red hot, but the queen of hearts is still one of my favorite all time characters. When I was searching for items for this section, I tried to look past the custey heart items we're usually drawn to, and chose items that her grumpy highness might be caught in while playing a game of cards. However, a few "cute" items did slip past. I couldn't help it, hearts are just well...sweet.



This mayhem of hearts caught my attention right away. Yes it borders on the cute side, but with all the on goings it was well suited for wonderland. It's a fun charm bracelet, and I don't think her royal highness would say "off with her head" for wearing it. In fact I think she'd approve, and make me her personal accessory adviser.   

Czech glass heart red crystal and solid copper pendant 


This is one large pendant and I heart it. The vintage look gives it royal appeal. It's obviously suited for any queen of fashion. 


Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts cards mod earrings



Glee was what came over me when I saw these awesome vintage earrings. Their adorable unique and fun. 

Melt With You 


Who knew having an iced heart made you so fashionable. I love this frozen heart necklace. It's a beautiful unique piece. 

PROM QUEENS Court Necklace 


Insane was the first word that came to mind when i saw this necklace. Not insane as in chopping of people's heads, but as in wrapping my head around how cool this piece is. It's not something I'd wear everyday but it is a great fun fashion accessory.  

 Queen Of Hearts Wedding Band Gothic Garnet Silver Engagement Ring SIZE 9

This ring looks so regal on. It has a feeling of strength about it and yet it is so elegant. 



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