Tuesday, January 18, 2011

End of the year/new year faves

Sometime in the beginning of December, I realized that I forgot to do a monthly favorites for November. Exams had me busy and I think it just slipped my mind. I decided to just combine December and November in a sort of end of the year favorites post. Then I realized, oh wait, it's the end of January, so here we have a big splash of monthly faves. 

1. My readers: Obviously I love my readers, who wouldn’t, you’re all awesome! When I first started this blog last December, it was mostly just for me, because I never suspected that anyone would follow a blog that focused mostly on trench coats and accessories. To my surprise , this blog is growing and I love you all for it. It keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about posting when I see the comments, followers, and the trollers. So thank you for making this a wonderful blogging experience.

2.  Lush Gingerbread house. Lush had some great gift sets this holiday season, but the Gingerbread Tin House is my favorite. The items inside are a yummy splendor. Check out this video for more information. 

3. Sleep. For the first time in my life I battled with insomnia. 17 consecutive days without sleep! It was misery and my heart goes out to anyone who suffers from chronic insomnia. I couldn’t even nap. My ticket to dreamland finally came and I’m now starting to sleep. It’s only 3 or so hours, but it is better than nothing. Sleep I love you, you are my favorites thing!

4. Tea parties. This year, I’m going to have more of these. A good tea party is a magical thing. You can play dress up, eat cup cakes and throw your cares into a teacup.

5. Ugg Kensington boots. My life mission since November was to get a pair of Ugg Kensington boots. I finally won a pair on eBay and I think it’s going to be my favorite purchase for a long time. The Kensington boots are leather and have a biker look to them making them a little different from the typical Ugg boots. Though I can’t wear them to be glamorous, they are a more stylish than the classic Ugg boot. They are also extremely warm. I wear mine without socks and I don’t feel the cold even in minus 20 weather. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a leather pair of warm winter boots. I bought mine from http://myworld.ebay.ca/comfortshoesonline her service is great and she sells a variety of genuine Ugg boots for much less than normally priced.

6. Ulzzangs. According to UrbanDictionary.com Ulzzang true definition is "best and "face" = best face in korean. They are basically people with above average looks, sometimes with the use of photoshop and haduri who post their pics online, some becoming internet celebrities. From hair to fashion, this phenomenon is growing internationally, even featuring ulzzangs on a TV show in Korea. I personally am not a participating ulzzang. But I do love seeing the girls and boys who go through the trouble to create picture perfect outfits and scenes to post on the internet. And I’ll be posting tutorials and other fun finds now and then based on this trend.

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