Monday, December 28, 2009

Burberry-The trench coat brand

One can’t think of trench coats without thinking of Burberry. It’s not certain when we gave Burberry the permission to dominate this niche, but somehow we told them to be the industry leader when it comes to this fashion item, and aren’t we glad.

We can all breath a little easier knowing Burberry will not only help us stay dry, but look damn good doing it.

This brand offers some of the greatest trench coats known to mankind. Each season there’s another Burberry trench that is worth robbing the bank for, and that may be Burberry’s only flaw when it comes their trench coats—they expensive. With coats rounding above 1200 these aren’t items you can pay for with couch change.

I could lecture all day about how Burberry is depting us into their coats, but the price tag does very little to deter us from buying, because you can’t put a price tag on how a great a trench coat makes you feel.

Sure, most of us will only be able to dream about what it’s like to own a Burberry trench coat, and there are a lot of great brands that make you feel just as proud without the “rice and beans for a month because I’m broke” feeling. But if you want an insanely fabulous trench coat then saving up for a Burberry one may be worth it—they set the bar after all, and if you’re aiming for fabulous you might as well go all the way.

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